How to: Timex Indiglo

Written by jean asta | 13/05/2017

The Timex Indiglo feature is a night-light that allows you to see the watch in the dark or in lowlight conditions. There are three uses of the Indiglo feature on Timex watches. First, it can be activated one time when you need to see the time. Second, it can be used to put the watch into "Night Mode," in which any button you push will illuminate the watch face. Third, the night-light feature will flash on and off as part of an alarm alert that you have set on the watch.

When looking at the watch face, press the button on the upper-right side of the watch one time to activate the Indiglo feature. The light will illuminate the watch face for three to four seconds. Some models place the Indiglo button on the front face below the display screen.

Press and hold the same button until you hear a beep (about four seconds) to activate "Night Mode." You can now activate the Indiglo light by pressing any of the watch's buttons. Deactivation of "Night Mode" is automatic after eight hours or you can deactivate it by pressing and holding the Indiglo button again until you hear the beep (about four seconds).

Press any button when the alarm alert comes on. This will turn off the alarm and stop the Indiglo light from flashing.

Things you need

  • Timex Indiglo watch user manual (see the Resources section)

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