How to Unlock a Sky Netgear Modem Broadband

Updated February 21, 2017

When you contract with a high-speed Internet provider for home Internet service, typically as part of the install the provider will install broadband and networking equipment in your home for you to use to access their Internet service. Sometimes, these devices are "locked" in the sense that they can only be used with the network of the company that originally provided you the service. Other networking devices are free to be used with any network, even if you terminate your service agreement with the original provider. You can unlock a Sky Netgear modem to use with your Internet service.

Contact your Internet service provider to make sure the Sky Netgear modem is compatible with your high-speed Internet service. If not, the entire unlocking procedure will be a waste of time.

Connect the Ethernet cable from one of the numbered Ethernet LAN ports on the back of the Sky Netgear modem to your computer. Secure the cable at both ends.

Log in to the modem's web configuration utility by typing its local access IP address into the address bar of an Internet browser and pressing "Enter." The exact IP used by your specific Netgear modem varies depending on the exact model of the modem. If you do not know the default IP of the Netgear modem, try or contact Netgear technical support and have them inform you of the IP. If prompted, enter the admin username and password for the Netgear modem, typically "admin" and "password" respectively, unless your ISP set an alternate admin password on the modem.

Configure the Netgear modem for your new Internet service. The exact specifications to be used as well as the means of entering them depend on what type of Internet service you use as well as other factors. If you run into any confusion, the best option is to contact the technical support department of your ISP and have them walk you through the configuration process. Once configured, your Sky Netgear modem has been unlocked and is ready to be used with your new Internet service.

Things You'll Need

  • Ethernet cable
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