How to Repair a Power Jack on an Acer Laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

A broken power jack can render your Acer laptop nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Without a working power jack, the rechargeable battery in your laptop can't get power and your laptop won't turn on. Replacing the power jack can be expensive if you send it to a repair service, and you'll be without your computer for a while. You can save yourself the time and expense by learning how to do it yourself. Keep in mind that attempting to replace the power jack on your Acer will void your warranty, so do not attempt this if your laptop is still under one. Contact Acer for an authorised service centre.

Attach an electrostatic discharge band to your wrist. Connect the other end to something metal. This will prevent static electricity from damaging your laptop.

Lay your Acer laptop face down on a table. Remove the battery and power cord. Remove the screws holding the hard drive and memory covers in place, and remove the covers.

Remove the screw holding the DVD drive in place, typically found right next to the memory modules. Use a screwdriver to push the DVD drive out of the laptop base, and remove the drive.

Remove the hard drive by sliding it to the right to disconnect it from the motherboard. Lift the hard drive up and out of the bay.

Remove the memory modules. Spread the latches on both sides of the memory to cause the memory sticks to pop up. Slide the sticks out of the laptop base. On most Acer models you can also remove the wireless card at this point, as it is typically located right next to the memory modules. Disconnect the two antenna cables connecting the card to the motherboard. Spread the latches just like you did with the memory and remove the card.

Remove all screws from the bottom of the laptop.

Turn the laptop over and use a flathead screwdriver to pry up and remove the keyboard bezel. Remove any screws holding the keyboard in place. Lift up the keyboard and disconnect it from the motherboard to remove it.

Remove the display panel by removing any screws holding it in place. On most Acer models there are two screws securing the panel. Disconnect any cables connecting the display to the motherboard and remove the display panel.

Using a flathead screwdriver, gently pry the top cover up from the laptop base. Slowly slide the screwdriver around the sides and remove the top cover. This reveals the motherboard.

Remove any screws holding the motherboard to the laptop base, and disconnect any remaining cables. Remove the motherboard by gently lifting it up by the left side and sliding it out of the laptop base.

Locate the power jack, typically found in the back left corner of an Acer laptop. Turn the motherboard over and locate the solder holding the power jack in place. Heat up the solder with your soldering iron to loosen the old solder. For a clean removal, use a desolder pump to remove the old solder. Once the solder has been loosened or removed, remove the old jack from the motherboard.

Insert the new jack into the motherboard and solder it in place.

Replace the motherboard and reassemble your Acer laptop.


To avoid damaging your Acer's power jack, remove the plug before moving your laptop.


Avoid using too much solder, as too much can actually prevent the jack from working properly. Always wear your electrostatic discharge band, as static electricity can damage the motherboard or other sensitive components in your laptop.

Things You'll Need

  • Electrostatic discharge band
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Replacement power jack
  • Desolder pump
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