How to Donate Bottle Caps

Written by brad chacos | 13/05/2017
How to Donate Bottle Caps
Charities recycle plastic and metal bottle caps. (BOTTLE CAPS image by SKYDIVECOP from

Some people want to help their local school or favourite charitable organisation, but have neither the free time nor the disposable income needed by the organisations. Fortunately, many schools and organisations realise this and hold collection drives for standard household objects. Churches, hospitals and school parent-teacher associations accept donations of plastic and metal bottle caps in yearly drives, which they then sell to recycling companies for extra cash. Plastic caps are a different grade of plastic than bottles and many recycling centres do not accept them, so donating bottle caps helps both the charitable organisation and the environment.

Set aside two storage containers, one for plastic bottle caps and another for metal caps.

Save all your plastic and metal bottle caps. Rinse the cap under running water to wash away any excess liquids or residue before depositing the cap in the appropriate container.

Contact the schools, churches and hospitals in your area to see if they are holding a cap collection drive or can use the caps for another purpose, such as art projects.

Donate plastic caps to a company that collects and recycles the caps if no local organisations need or want them. Aveda and Preserve both accept bottle cap donations. Whole Foods supermarkets contain special bottle cap and #5 plastics collection centres for donations to Preserve.

Bring the caps to the collecting organisation once you locate one that wants them, or continue saving caps until you have a sizeable amount to donate at once.


  • Metal bottle caps can also be brought or sold directly to many recycling centres.

Tips and Warnings

  • Metal bottle caps can also be brought or sold directly to many recycling centres.

Things you need

  • 2 Storage containers

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