How to Cut Grass on a Slope

Maintaining a lawn on a slope presents a number of issues for homeowners. In addition to irrigation and water runoff problems, cutting grass on a slope can be a dangerous activity if not handled correctly. Mowing on any sort of angle increases the likelihood of the mower tipping over, possibly leading to the operator being crushed or cut to the point of severe injury or even death. Using proper slope mowing techniques reduces the odds of an accident occurring.

Walk along the slope prior to mowing. Fill in any holes or depressions with topsoil to decrease the odds of the mower jumping or skipping. Tamp the soil down with your foot to create a firm surface.

Select a walk-behind mower with a low centre of gravity for use on slopes. Riding mowers increase the risk of crushing injuries if the mower does flip. Check both the mower's tires and the operator's shoes for wear and replace either as needed. Good traction is critical to mowing on an angle.

Mow the grass in rows horizontally across the slope. Mow one row, then push the mower slightly up the slope and mow the next row in the opposite direction as the first. Continue up the hill in a zigzagging pattern.

Travel up and down the hill at an angle rather than in a directly vertical path to help make the pushing easier.


Avoid mowing overly steep hills. Replace the lawn on these hills with ornamental grasses or plants rather than risk injury mowing at an extremely dangerous angle.

Things You'll Need

  • Topsoil
  • Walk-behind lawnmower
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