How to Adjust the Height of a Reebok Step

Updated November 21, 2016

The Reebok Step has been used for years in fitness centres and homes as a way to get an aerobic workout. In 1986, Gin Miller, an Atlanta aerobic instructor, created step aerobics while recovering from knee surgery. She took the program to Reebok in 1989, and it commissioned the product. The Reebok Step is designed to help the beginner to the advanced fitness enthusiast. Adjusting the height from beginner to advanced is relatively easy and can be done without any tools.

Place the Reebok Step upside-down on the floor. Pull the riser out from the step's base. Hold the riser's flat end facing up and slide it into the step deck. This will make a 6-inch step. Turn the step sideways to ensure it is making an interlocking zigzag pattern. If it is not, repeat the steps.

Remove the riser, then slide it into the next highest notch on the step. This is the 8-inch step -- the intermediate position. Turn the step sideways to check the fit. You should once again have an interlocking zigzag pattern.

Remove the riser again and take the step to the 10-inch height -- the advanced position. Turn the riser so the smaller end is pointing in. It should be at a 180-degree angle. Create a C-shape by pushing the riser into the step's bottom. Put the step face up and push down. It should now be fixed tightly into the step.

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