How to Make String Fabric Curtains

Updated April 17, 2017

String fabric curtains create a light and airy feel to a room's decor. The easy to make fabric strings provide a restful ripple in the breeze that will have you dreaming of a quiet getaway in the tropics. These curtains offer more of a decoration than privacy and look beautiful on windows or as a door curtain between rooms. The fabric strings are made using lightweight decorator fabric and the construction of the curtains require minimal sewing skills.

Hang a curtain rod above the window or door frame. The rod will be visible, so it needs to be decorative. Position the rod holders on the outside edge of the frame and just above the top of the frame. Attach the rod holders to the wall using the required tools for your hardware. Hang the decorative rod in the holders.

Measure from the curtain rod to the floor and add 4 inches. This will be the length of your fabric strings and will allow for forming the loop at the top that will hang from the rod. Measure the width of the window between the rod holders. Round the measurement to the next highest inch. Each inch is equal to the number of fabric strings that are needed for the curtain width. Measure and cut each string from lightweight decorator fabric, 1 inch wide by the length measurement, using pinking shears. The pinking shears will provide a finished edge that will not fray.

Fold over one short end of a fabric string 4 inches and pin. There is no right or wrong side to the fabric, so either side will work. The folded 4 inches is the front of the fabric string curtain. Measure up 2 inches from the short cut end of the 4 inch fold and mark with tailor's chalk. Place a button or decorative bead over the mark and hand stitch it to the string, through the front and back layer, using a hand sewing needle and thread. This will create a 2 inch long loop. This is the loop for hanging on the rod. Repeat for the remaining fabric strings.

Remove the curtain rod from the holder. Thread the loop of each fabric string on the rod. Each loop should be facing in one direction, with the decorative button or bead on the same side. Rehang the rod. Measure from the attached beads or buttons to the floor. Double the measurement. Cut a length of jute or fancy eyelash yarn for each fabric string, using this measurement. Fold the length of one of the jute or yarn pieces in half and hook the folded end around the bead or button on the fabric string. If needed, wrap the lengths of jute or yarn around the beads or buttons one time, to help keep them in place. Repeat for each remaining fabric string. This will give the curtain an extra layer of texture, while maintaining the light and airy look.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtain rod holders
  • Tools for attaching hardware
  • Decorative curtain rod
  • Measuring tape
  • Lightweight decorator fabric with no wrong side-amount is determined by window size
  • Pinking shears
  • Straight pins
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Decorative buttons or beads
  • Hand sewing needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Jute or fancy eyelash yarn
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