How to disconnect alarm systems

Updated March 21, 2017

A home alarm system offers protection to your property and household. However, you may want to disconnect or disable your alarm to upgrade or return your security system. Because of the intricacies of alarm systems, you must make sure that all components are disconnected correctly to guarantee that a false alarm doesn't sound.

Work in front of your central monitoring station. All home security systems include a central computer hub that connects all sensors across the household. This station is the main terminal to begin disabling an alarm system.

Contact your security company about what you are doing. You may be able to contact these companies via the central monitoring station; some models include a two-way communication device. If yours doesn't have this device, call your company on the phone. Inform the company that you are disconnecting the system.

Turn the system off and remove the batteries, or unplug the central monitoring system from its connected outlet.

Unplug the central monitoring hub from your phone or cable system. Most central monitoring systems are connected to your phone jack or cable to communicate with law enforcement.

Work around all your sensors across your household. Disconnect each sensor or remove all batteries from the sensors. If the sensors are mounted, try to remove them from their mounted positions.

Set an appointment with your security company to pick up the system or to fix any fundamental problems with your household's security.


If you are communicating with your security company, a representative can help you with the disconnecting process. You can also refer to your security system's instruction manual.

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