How to Tune Atomic Skis at the Proper Angles

Updated July 20, 2017

Most manufacturers specify base and edge angles for all of their skis. Tuning to the factory edge angle for the make, model and year of the ski ensures that the ski will not be damaged and optimum performance will be obtained. Atomic models have a base edge of one degree and a side edge of three degrees. Modifying factory angles may be an option to suit the needs of beginner skiers or racers. Regularly tuning skis will keep them in top condition as well as improve your personal performance.

Tie a rubber band over the binding to hold up the breaks. Turn the ski upside down and place in a vice or on a table or sawhorse.

To remove any scratches or rough ares, lightly rub the diamond stone along the base and side edges of the ski.

Determine which way the file sharpens either by looking for an arrow on the file indicating which direction to sharpen or looking at the direction of the teeth. Files only sharpen one way, so always point the arrow or the teeth of the file to the tail of the ski when securing to the bevel.

Clamp the file to the base bevel and position it flat against the base edge.

With medium pressure, drag the file along the base of the ski, starting at the tip and ending at the tail, three to five times. If the edges are very dull, you may need to repeat more than five times.

Repeat Step 2 for each edge on both skis.

Rotate the ski so that the side edge is now face up in the vice or on the table.

Remove the file from the base bevel and clamp it to the side bevel.

Place the file flat against the side edge. Using steady, even pressure, drag the file along the side edge of the ski, starting at the tip and ending at the tail, three to five times or more if the edge is very dull.

Repeat Step 3 for each edge on both skis.


Though most Atomic skis have a one degree base and a three degree edge, it is possible that your specifications may be different. If you're unsure of your angles, it is best to call the manufacturer and ask. If you decide to modify the factory angles based on personal needs, check out some angle recommendations from Tognar Toolworks.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber band
  • Diamond stone
  • 3° Edge bevel
  • 1° Base bevel
  • File
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