Directions on Splash Pads

Written by gina m poirier | 13/05/2017
Directions on Splash Pads
Splash pads are not just available in public parks. (jeux d'eau au parc andré citroën image by Jean-Paul Bounine from

A splash pad is an area for water play that has no standing water, according to WordiQ, and it's one way to ease the minds of parents seeking safe summertime activities for their children. Kids can play in the jets and mist of clean water that shoot up from the ground or fixtures. You can commonly find splash pads in public parks, but parents are also opting to install them at home.

Shop for a splash pad that meets your needs. Consider your space and budget, and how much water you want circulated. A basic flat pad installation starts at around £2,600. More complex pads with spraying fixtures above ground can cost upwards of £6,500.

Hire professionals to install the splash pad. Most companies that sell them include installation in the cost. You can do it yourself if you are qualified, or hire a contractor.

Take any additional steps required by the manufacturer to ensure proper functioning, such as filling up tanks, making sure filters are in place and adding purification chemicals.

Turn on and use the splash pad when you are ready. Depending on the model, make sure the tanks are full and turn on any pumps. Adjust nozzles to spray in the direction and at the pressure you choose. Turn it off when you are finished.

Routinely maintain your splash pad according to the manufacturer's instructions. Filter the water, test and adjust it for sufficient chlorine levels and make sure all filters are clean and flowing smoothly.

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