How to Reverse the Back Curl on a Phone Handset Cord

Updated March 23, 2017

While a majority of newer telephones manufactured are cordless, many landline phones still exist with a curling cord. The curling cord was invented in the 1950s to allow users to move freely while speaking on the phone without using a long straight cord that would tangle, but the cord can still quickly end up in knots which ruins its shape. You can reverse the back curl on your phone handset cord, however, to restructure the cord and restore its curling ability.

Press the small plastic lever on the phone cord port and pull the cord down and out of the handset. Let the cord loosely fall to the floor, which will help it partially unravel.

Comb out the curls with your fingers inch by inch, beginning with the end that was plugged into the phone, until you reach the bottom. Be careful not to stretch the cord too much as you go, or it will lose its shape.

Twist each spiral back into place to reinforce the original coil shape.

Insert the loose end of the phone cord back into the handset port, pressing until the plastic tab clicks into place.

Rotate the phone in the opposite direction as you set it down when answering a call to prevent future twists and back curling.

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