How to find credit card expiration dates

Updated March 23, 2017

Credit card companies print expiration dates on cards and will send you a replacement card about a month before your card expires. If you're curious about when your card expires, you can simply take out your card and look at the date or call the credit card company and ask when your card expires.

Take your credit card out of your wallet or purse and look at it in a well-lit room.

Look for a "Value Thru" or "Exp. Date." The month and year your credit card expires is listed next to "Value Thru" or "Exp. Date." For example, if your card reads, "Valid Thru: 05/12," then your card expires May 5, 2012.

Access your credit card account online. Some credit card companies list all of your credit card information in your online account, including your card's expiration date. You can also call your card's customer service number and provide the customer service representative with information that identifies you, such as your name, phone number and social security number. The representative will tell you the card's expiration date.

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