DIY Undercut Saw

Updated February 21, 2017

Laminate and engineered wood flooring are both popular flooring options for many homeowners. An important step in the installation of these types of flooring is undercutting door jambs. Undercutting a door jamb allows you to slide the new flooring directly under the door jamb and casing. While you can rent or purchase an electric jamb saw, it is less expensive to DIY the job with a simple hand or flush-cut dovetail saw.

Check the flooring around the door jamb to ensure that it is smooth. Sweep away dirt and debris with a broom.

Place a small piece of foam underlayment on the floor next to the door jamb. Set a small plank or sample piece of the laminate or engineered flooring upside down on top of the foam underlayment. These pieces will act as a template, showing you how much of the door jamb you will need to remove with the saw.

Lay the hand saw flat on the piece of flooring. Hold the flooring plank steady and cut the door jamb. Start at one of the sides and work towards the middle of the door jamb. Starting in the middle of the door jamb can be difficult.

Remove the cut portion of the door jamb with a chisel. The jamb should be completely cut through so you will just need to remove the cut pieces of the door jamb.

Test the height of the jamb by sliding the flooring plank and underlayment under the jamb.

Things You'll Need

  • Broom
  • Piece of foam underlayment
  • Piece of laminate or engineered hardwood flooring
  • Hand saw or flush-cut dovetail saw
  • Chisel
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