How to turn off the pilot light on a gas fireplace

Updated February 21, 2017

Prior to prolonged absences or performing repairs, you must shut off an appliance's pilot light and gas supply. Turning off the pilot light on a gas fireplace does not require special tools or materials. Even better, finding and operating a gas fireplace's pilot light and shut-off valve is not only easy, but it prepares you to cut off utility service in an emergency.

Open the fireplace's access panel to access the pilot light. If your fireplace does not have an access panel, reach inside the fireplace to access the pilot light. Look for the pilot light's adjustment screw in the area adjacent to the pilot light; this screw often has a thick, cylindrical cap.

Remove the adjustment screw's cover.

Insert a screwdriver into the adjustment screw's slot and turn the screw clockwise to reduce and extinguish the flame.

Open the fireplace's access panel to locate the gas supply shut-off valve. Alternatively, search the walls adjacent to the fireplace to locate the gas supply shut-off valve. Fireplace gas supply shut-off valves often have straight, stubby handles.

Turn the shut-off valve clockwise to the "Off" position. The valve's handle should rest perpendicular, or crosswise, to the valve's body.

Check the pilot light to ensure that the flame is extinguished.


If you fully extinguish the pilot light, you'll have to light it again before you use the fireplace.


If you smell excessive gas, immediately contact your utility provider. If you require assistance with any part of this project, contact your utility provider or a professional.

Things You'll Need

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