How to Build Muscle Fast for Teens Naturally

Updated April 17, 2017

If you're a teenager trying to build muscle fast, stay away from steroids. They are illegal and wreak havoc on hormones and bodily functions. Also, don't be quick to incorporate unnecessary supplements into your muscle-building regimen. Because most teens already have plenty of testosterone, all that's needed to build muscle fast and naturally is balanced nutrition and a regular exercise routine.

Join a gym or make use of other workout facilities in your neighbourhood. Having the facility nearby helps keep you from skipping your workouts. A gym provides cardiovascular and weight training machines, both of which are helpful in building muscle.

Create structure in your weight training workout. When working out with weights, train different muscles on different days. For instance, you can train arms and shoulders on one day and chest and back the next. Give the muscles you work out at least 72 hours of recovery time before working them out again. Overworking muscles does not lead to muscle gain.

Incorporate compound weight exercises. These exercises are most important when trying to build muscle. They allow you to overload the muscles and work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Compound weight exercises increase the release of testosterone and growth hormone, which help build stronger and bigger muscles. Examples of compound exercises include squats, pull-ups, barbell curls, bench dips and deadlifts.

Add up to 30 minutes of cardiovascular training to your workout routine, three to four days per week. Cardiovascular exercise includes running, swimming, biking or working out on the elliptical machine. Getting the heart rate up results in increased stamina and faster metabolism. Cardiovascular exercise also burns off any fat layers that may be hiding your muscles.

Drink whey protein after each workout. This is a natural form of protein from cow's milk that is suitable for people of all ages. It contains amino acids, which enhance your athletic performance and improve your body's composition. It also provides the extra protein you need to build and nourish muscles.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Teens have the benefit of fast metabolism. However, a balanced diet is still required to build muscles. Aim for whole grains, fibre-rich products, vegetables, fruits and lean protein. Eating unhealthy foods will only make you gain fat and not aid in your muscle-building quest. Aside from eating right, you should also drink 3 to 4 litres of water daily to stay hydrated and to flush your system.

Sleep eight hours per day to allow your body to recover properly and to gain maximum muscle growth. Your body releases most of its muscle-building hormones when you sleep. Getting sufficient sleep will also give you the energy you need for your next workout.

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