How to Copy to a Clipboard in Silverlight

Updated February 21, 2017

Silverlight is a Microsoft Office software program that allows you to develop different media applications for websites, mobile devices and computer desktops. Silverlight allows application developers to create applications for business purposes as well as to fit consumer needs. Previous versions of the software required developers to use Java script in order to cut and paste, but the latest version of Silverlight allows users to copy and paste from the Windows clipboard.

Highlight the text that you want to copy to the clipboard. You can use your mouse to right click and then choose copy, or you can use the command feature by holding the "Ctrl" button and then hitting the letter "C."

Click "Yes" on the permission popup box. When you use either one of the copy commands, a permission popup box appears. To enable the program to copy the text to the clipboard, click "Yes."

Check the copy and paste text. Enter the command "Clipboard.ContainsText()" in order to check that what you have commanded the program to copy to the clipboard is there. Once you verify this is the correct text, you can proceed to pasting the copy.

Click your cursor to the area where you want to paste the copy. You can right click on your mouse and choose the paste option or hold the "Ctrl" and "V" button on your keyboard at the same time to paste the copy.


Silverlight versions 3 and 4 also offer a drag and drop feature when it comes to bringing images, photographs and other graphics into the program. From external sources, you can use the copy and paste feature to drag and drop these graphics into the Silverlight program.


Previous or earlier versions of Silverlight require different steps to copy and paste text. If you have one of these versions, you will need to upgrade to Silverlight version 3 or 4 in order to perform copy and paste commands according to these instructions.

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