How to Thread a Brother LS-2125

Updated July 20, 2017

Whether you are new to sewing or an experienced professional, every sewing project involving a sewing machine begins with threading the machine. When you use a sewing machine model for the first time, however, setting up its bobbin and ensuring the tension is correct can be difficult.

According to Brother International Corp.'s website, the Brother LS-2125 sewing machine is a basic and lightweight model that can be used for a variety of sewing tasks. Whether you want to work on your first quilt square or a fancy couture gown, the sewing session starts with threading the Brother LS-2125.

Turn the hand stitch wheel on the right side of the Brother LS-2125, ensuring that the thread hook on the left side is positioned at its peak.

Choose your thread colour, and put the thread on the spool pin, which is on the top right portion of the sewing machine.

Move the end of the thread to the left side of the machine, and loop it through the right side of the thread hook, which is a small, U shape cut out of the metal. Begin to bring the thread down through the right-most guide just above the sewing needle.

Loop the thread behind the tension dial, and back up again, this time guiding the thread into the leftmost thread guide, which is in the body of the machine above the needle.

Verify that the thread catches at the thread take-up lever located at the top of the leftmost thread guide. The thread take-up lever is a small hook inside the body of the machine that holds onto the thread while the machine sews; it is essential for maintaining thread tension.

Move the thread down again through the leftmost guide. Ensure that the thread catches the secure hook on the small box directly above the needle, and then thread it through the eye of the needle.

Open the bottom shelf of the Brother LS-2125 to expose the bobbin, and put the needle in the highest position possible.

Remove the bobbin case from under the needle using the latch, and place a bobbin with matching coloured thread inside the case. Hook the bobbin thread through the small opening on the outside of the bobbin case.

Return the bobbin case to its place beneath the needle, ensuring that the lever returns to its original alignment.

Hold the end of the thread that you threaded through the needle, and turn the manual wheel on the right side of the machine until the needle makes one stitch and catches the loose thread sticking out of the bobbin casing.

Pull the bobbin thread so that an equal amount of slack is available from the needle and the bobbin.

Close the bobbin case, and you are ready to sew.


Check the tension and stitch size after you finish threading the sewing machine.

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