How to Remove the Passenger Airbag on a Civic

Updated November 21, 2016

Airbags are designed to save lives and prevent serious injuries in case of an auto collision. Your Civic comes equipped with a driver's side and passenger side airbag. The airbags are removable if you don't want them in your vehicle, or if you need to replace them. This should normally be done by a trained mechanic, but if you have the knowledge you can do the job yourself.

Open the bonnet to your Civic. Disconnect the negative battery cable. This will keep the airbags from deploying during removal.

Open your car's fuse box and remove the airbag fuse. This will completely deactivate the airbag for safety. The fuse box is located on the lower part of your dash under the steering wheel. Printed labels indicate which slots hold specific fuses. Look for the fuse labelled for the airbags.

Open your glove box and remove the straps that are used to hold it open. Unscrew the glove box from the dash to access the passenger airbag. Unbolt the airbag with the wrench and unhook the power cable connected to the back of the airbag. Remove the airbag.

Screw the glove box back in and reattach the straps. Place the airbag fuse back into its proper slot. Reconnect the negative cable back to the battery.


If you are installing a new airbag you will need to have a dealership or professional mechanic reset the Civic's computer. If it is not reset, the airbags may not deploy properly if involved in a crash.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
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