How to Find Vehicle Information by VIN Number

Updated November 22, 2016

You can find plenty of information about a vehicle just by having its identification number, or VIN. If you prefer only basic information, such as year, make, model and specifications, you can access the information for free through some websites. If you want more detailed information, such as place of ownership, number of owners, or accident, title and service history, you can do so for a fee. Learn how to find vehicle information with a VIN.

Write down the VIN. You can find it either on a title, insurance card or on the vehicle itself. Look in the driver-side door jamb or through the windshield by the dashboard, also on the driver's side.

Go to,, or to find basic vehicle information. All websites offer a free view of vehicle year, make and model, with exception to the DecodeThis website, which offers detailed vehicle specifications for the VIN you entered.

Go to or to run a vehicle history report, if you prefer. From the main Web page, enter your VIN and continue. From the results, which shows basic vehicle information, click the "purchase" option to buy your report.


When deciding between the Carfax and AutoCheck websites for your history report, check prices before you choose.


Vehicle history reports are not always correct.

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