How to Build a Robot With K'NEX

Updated February 21, 2017

K'Nex makes easy robot kits with large pieces for small hands to manipulate. A remote control car comes with one set for mobile robots. K'Nex robots have large eyes that blink when touched and shiny metallic parts. Children are encouraged to piece K'Nex toys together by their own imaginative designs, although there are some building suggestions in the robot kits like the make 'n' go racing robot used for illustration.

Connect the K'Nex robot eyes to one end of a 54mm rod and snap the other end in between the connector tabs on the front row of the top section of the car. The large eyes from the easy robot kits make almost any K'Nex toys into robots.

Snap a 32mm rod into the corner of a 3-way connector and a 54mm rod into the other corner so they form a 90-degree angle. Make a second 90-degree angle with identical colours and lengths. Snap the short rods into the fourth row of the top section on the car with the long rods pointing toward the back.

Snap two of the four-way connectors together at the corners with a 16mm rod to make a side flap. Use the same colour for all pieces of the side flaps. Connect the flap to a side of the car with K'Nex transition rods that snap into the connectors and plug into the holes on the car. Make an identical side flap and snap it on the opposite side.

Push the forward and reverse levers on the remote control to move the car under the K'Nex robots. Turn the front wheels with the steering wheel on the remote.

Things You'll Need

  • K'Nex remote control car
  • Miscellaneous K'Nex parts
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