How to recognise an unhappy married woman

Updated April 17, 2017

For any man with an interest in his marriage, identifying unhappiness in a spouse can prompt him to make the effort to heal the relationship. Most experts agree that the sooner couples start working on an unhappy marriage, the better the chance of restoring it to a former state of happiness. Marriage takes work. Opening up a dialogue with an unhappy wife is a good first step to understanding her. Getting a counsellor involved is often helpful too, if communication is a problem.

Notice negative changes in behaviour -- these are the first clue a wife is unhappy. If she starts picking on a spouse about possessions, for instance, this could be a sign there are marriage problems. For example, maybe he likes sports and has old tennis shoes and golf clubs all over the house. An unhappy wife, who accepted this quality in her husband at first, may find a growing irritation over all his possessions taking over the house.

Listen to see if she is venting and complaining about you to her friends. Often the spouse will find out through an off-hand remark made at a party or a family get-together.

Watch her body language to determine how happy she is in the relationship. If she is rolling her eyes at you when you talk, dismissing you, then she is not happy. Even the way a couple eats together says something about how they feel for one another. If your wife races through the meal with barely a glance or a smile, she may be unhappy with her company.

Identify signs of depression such as withdrawal. When a wife suffers from depression, she will often stop wanting to socialise. Her partner is often left with feelings of anxiety or boredom since they usually socialise together.

Watch for signs that your love life has gone sour. An unhappy wife is not going to be interested in sex. If she is staying up at night instead of joining you in bed as she once did, there is a reason. She may be punishing you, or simply disinterested in getting in bed with you. Either way, this could be a bad sign for the relationship. Sex for women is very emotional and they are often not interested in having sex unless they feel connected to the husband, free from resentment and other psychological deterrents.

Notice changes in her sleep patterns. Unhappy women are troubled and do not sleep well. They may have trouble going to sleep, or difficulty staying asleep.

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