How to modify a traeger smoker

Updated November 21, 2016

Traeger smokers and grills are a style of grill that also allows smoking with special wood pellets. The pellets are placed in a side heating chamber that feeds smoke into the main cooking chamber. There is also a fire pit in a Traeger that allows for indirect heat from sources other than smoke to let you smoke and cook large cuts of meat. Traeger grills are versatile because they can be used as a grill with no smoke or as only a smoker with no grill heat from the lower heating element.

Remove the grill grates and dripping pan.

Clean the fire pot of all debris and creosote. The fire pot is located in the centre of the inside of the well.

Stack fire bricks in the pit. Stand the bricks horizontally end to end around the fire pot covering the flattest surface around the fire pot with the fire bricks. The fire bricks will act as a shelf for Step 4.

Place a cast iron flat-top griddle over the bricks to equalise rising temperatures from the fire pot.

Replace the dripping pan and grill grates. You can now cook on all corners of the smoker with even temperatures.

Remove the grill grates and remove the dripping pan located under the grill grates.

Remove the fire pot cover from the top of the fire pot located in the centre of the inside of the well.

Stack fire bricks around the fire pot to act as a shelf for Step 4.

Place a flavorizer plate over the fire bricks to equalise the flames.

Replace grill grates without the dripping pan and turn on the smoker for open flame smoking and grilling.


Open-flame cooking works well on large cuts of meat to increase heat and add an outer char as well as a smoke flavour from the smoke chamber. Open flame cooking will speed up cooking, thus decreasing the amount of smoke flavour absorbed.


Allow all elements to cool completely prior to making any modifications.

Things You'll Need

  • 7 or 8 fire bricks
  • Cast iron flat top griddle
  • Flavorizer plate
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