How to find legitimate home typing jobs

You've probably heard of typing job scams that require payment of a fee for a list of companies that may be hiring typists; some of the companies you call may not even know they are on this list. Other companies request payment upfront for software or the payment of an application fee. Avoid them. Any that offer lots of money overnight are scams. Despite these types of scams, legitimate typing positions are available. Competition for many of them is stiff, however. Being professional, persistent and creative can land you some typing jobs to get started working from home.

Draw attention to your typing skills and experience on your resume. If you have worked as an administrative professional, bring that experience to the forefront. Highlight your typing speed and accuracy by placing it in a prominent place on your resume.

Network with other at-home typists on work-at-home websites. Stay active on the message boards for typists, online writers, data entry professionals, transcriptionists and other boards devoted to typists. Help others out by offering job leads you learn about and taking some overflow work from other typists to get started. These relationships can lead to future work for you and are worth cultivating.

Read job advertisements for data entry professionals, typists, word processors and online writers on work-at-home sites. Many of these job advertisements have been thoroughly researched and are legitimate. Another option is to sign up on freelance sites like oDesk and eLance. You will find typing jobs as a virtual assistant or legal or medical transcriptionist along with several other types of typing jobs on these sites.

Advertise your services to students at colleges and to business offices that need to outsource their typing. Letters, essays and dissertations are some of the documents you can type from home for these customers. Charge by the project or by the page.

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