How to send your friends funny voicemail messages

Updated March 23, 2017

Sending a funny voice mail message can give your friend a good laugh or help lighten the mood. To record a funny message, use your own voice to impersonate a character or play a prank, or employ the use of online services to help. Online services like PrankDialer can automatically dial your friend's phone number and play the message you specify. You can also customise your funny voice mail message using soundboard audio clips.

Go online to the PrankDialer website (See Resources).

Click "Earn Free Tokens" under the "DialTokens" tab. Select and complete one of the tasks listed to earn free tokens to place a free call. Otherwise, click "Purchase Tokens" under the "DialTokens" tab and make a payment to PrankDialer to earn call credits.

Select the "Jokes" prank call category to view a list of funny prank messages you can send.

Click the name of a prank call and click "Preview" to hear what it will sound like. Click "Next."

Click "No Thanks" to agree to having an advertisement played before the prank message or "Yes Please" if you have earned and want to input a DialToken code to remove the advertisement.

Type the area code and phone number of the person to whom you want to send the message. Click "Next" to place the prank call and have your funny message delivered.

Go online to the website (See Resources).

Click "View All" in the "Fun Games" section. Click "Fun Calls" from the list.

Type the phone number of the person you want to call. Type a phone number and name you want the person's caller ID to display.

Type a funny message in the "What to Say" box. Click "Place Your Free Call Now" to have your funny message delivered to the recipient, or his voice mail if he does not answer.

Go online to a website that offers soundboard audio messages, such as, College Slackers or eBaum's World (See Resources).

Go to the soundboard or prank call section of the site. Look through the categories of soundboards to find funny audio clips of movies, celebrities and other pre-recorded messages. Click the soundboard message clips to hear how they sound.

Dial on your phone the number of a friend to whom you want to leave a funny voice mail message. Alternatively, call a free service like Sly Dial to be connected directly to your friend's voice mail without having his phone ring first.

Hold the phone receiver next to your computer speakers when you want to begin the voice mail message. Click the "Play" button on the soundboard clips and messages you want your friend to hear. Disconnect the call when you're satisfied with your funny voice mail message.


The message you send via automatic services like PrankDialer may get cut short if your friend's voice mail greeting is too lengthy.

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