How to change a wheelbarrow tire

Updated February 28, 2017

A wheelbarrow is an extremely useful tool in your home and garden. You can use a wheelbarrow to haul heavy items, such as rocks, dirt, various home or outdoor debris, or even livestock feed. Having a properly inflated and functioning tire is an essential part of its operation. Learning how to inflate or change your wheelbarrow tire will help you to keep your wheelbarrow properly maintained and working when you need it.

Remove the flat tire off your wheelbarrow by pulling the pin out of the wheel nut and pulling on the tire. Put the pin to the side.

Wrap the cargo strap around the outer circumference of the flat tire. You do not need to tighten the strap, at this point.

Use your finger to rub a little bit of liquid dish soap around the part of the tire that touches the tire rim, also known as the tire bead. This technique helps to lubricate and ease the tire toward the rim so it inflates easier.

Tighten the strap against the tire with the ratchet part of the strap until it is snug and the edges of the tire are flush with the rim. Doing this will keep the tire in place while you inflate it. Hold the tire in an upright position, as if it was in place on your wheelbarrow.

Put the inflator attachment on the end of the air compressor hose and turn the compressor on. Push the attachment down on the valve stem and inflate it just enough to hold the tire on the rim. Take the strap off the tire as it inflates and moves into position around the rim.

Check to see if the tire is fully seated on the rim and not off-centre. Adjust the tire, if needed, before you proceed to inflate the rest of the tire. It is normal to hear some popping as the tire stretches toward the rim.

Check the tire pressure periodically and only inflate to the recommended tire pressure.

Put tire back on the wheelbarrow and replace the pin.

Follow step 1 above.

Place the tire on the ground and keep it in place with your foot. Take the end of a crowbar and wedge it under the middle of the tire between the rim and the tire. Move your foot as needed.

Push down on the crowbar and start to pry the tire off the rim, working in a circular motion around the rim. After you remove one side of the rim, keep it in position on the ground with your foot keeping it anchored, and work on the other side of the tire that is still on the rim. Do this until the entire tire comes off the rim.

Keep the rim on the ground. Place the new tire above the rim, lining up the rim with the inner part of the tire. Push down on the tire until it pops into place on the rim.

Follow steps 2 through 8 in Section 1.


Look for any holes, defects or embedded objects in your wheelbarrow tire before trying to inflate. Repair any holes or defects with a tire patch kit before inflating.

Things You'll Need

  • Air Compressor
  • Inflator attachment
  • Ratchet-style cargo strap
  • Liquid soap
  • Crowbar
  • Replacement tire, if needed
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