How to Pick an American Tourister Luggage Lock

Updated March 21, 2017

Forgetting the combination to your American Tourister luggage lock can seem like a nightmare. You're a long way from home and all your clothes and a toothbrush are suddenly locked in your suitcase. Don't panic. American Tourister "locks" aren't really locks so much as slight deterrents to thieves or a way to keep the suitcase from popping open mid-flight. You don't even need to pick the lock; just reset the combination to whatever you desire, then open as normal.

Move the dials until they read "000."

Press and hold the "lock" button beside the dials. While holding the button, move the dials into whichever numerical position you'd like to use as a code.

Release the "lock" button. You have reset your code and entered it, so just open as normal by clicking and releasing the lock button.


Samsonite (the manufacturer of American Tourister Luggage,) claims that "because there are many styles of locks used on our luggage and travel bags, we ask that you please contact us with the product number of your bag and we will be happy to assist you," in the case that you need to reset your code. You can reach Samsonite customer serviceat (800) 765-BAGS (2247).

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