Instructions for a Kundo Anniversary 400 Day Clock

Kundo is a trademark name of Kieninger & Obergfell, a German clock manufacturer. The Kundo 400 Day Clock is a torsion pendulum clock. It is called an anniversary clock as a suggestion that you choose a meaningful date, such as the anniversary of the date you received it, as a reminder to wind it each year. If you forget, the clock will run for 400 days without winding. There are two versions of the Kundo Anniversary clock -- one with a fixed pendulum that you release in order for the clock to start operating, and one with a removable pendulum that you hang in place.

Release the fixed pendulum. Support the pendulum securely with one hand, and open the lock above the pendulum with the other hand. Lower the pendulum slowly into position, until it rotates freely with its final bob suspended inside the small cup on the base.

Hang the removable pendulum. Loosen the top screw at the rear of the clock, raise the guard to its highest position to expose the spring and retighten the top screw. Slide the small bar at the bottom of the spring into the slot on top of the pendulum, being careful not to twist or bend the spring. Ensure the central bar of the pendulum is inside the small cup on the base.

Move the clock to its permanent location. Use the levelling screws underneath the base to level the clock so the pendulum is centred precisely in the cup.

Wind the clock if necessary by putting the key on the square and turning it counterclockwise, half a turn at a time, releasing it gently after each half-turn.

Swing the pendulum gently three-quarters of a turn in either direction to start the clock. Move the minute hand of the clock to adjust the time. Place the glass dome over the clock.

Remove the glass dome and turn the regulating nut, located under the suspension point of the pendulum, to adjust the clock if it runs too fast or too slow. Hold the pendulum and turn the nut clockwise or in the direction of the arrow marked "R" if the clock runs too fast. Turn the nut counterclockwise, in the direction of arrow "A," if the clock runs too slowly. Replace the glass dome.

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