How to choose bed casters

Written by grace myers | 13/05/2017
How to choose bed casters
Bed Caster (George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Bed casters are wheels attached to the frame of a bed. Casters serve many purposes. They make moving a bed easy, protect a carpet or rug from the weight of the bed and offer stability when locked with a brake or caster cup. Casters are not for hardwood floors, but they work well on a variety of floor surfaces. In choosing the right caster for your bed, consider a few details to make it the best fit for your bedroom and budget.

Casters are ideal on carpeted surfaces, or if you want to move the bed often. If you have a hardwood bedroom floor, consider investing in legs, instead of casters, to protect the wood. If you decide that casters are the best choice for your bed, determine your budget.

Narrow your choices by matching the metal type and colour of your bed frame.

Consider purchasing bed riser casters that will elevate the bed an additional three or four inches. This provides additional storage space underneath and makes the bed a greater focal point in the room.

To protect your bedroom carpet or rug, purchase casters that are at least 2 1/4 inches wide. Wider casters distribute the weight of the bed over a larger surface area, helping to preserve the carpet.

Many casters lock to provide stability. If the casters that best suit your needs do not lock or brake, purchase coordinating caster cups. Place these accessories underneath the casters to secure them in place.

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