How to Reset a Service Warning on a Mini Cooper S

Updated February 21, 2017

Every model year of the Mini Cooper S is equipped with a service reminder system that triggers a warning light when it is time for maintenance. The internal computer tracks engine conditions to calculate when service is needed. After the routine service has been performed, the warning indicator should be reset so the computer can track the changes thereafter. Many automotive technicians will reset the service warning when they perform maintenance on your Mini Cooper, but if they don't, you can reset the light yourself.

Insert the key into the ignition.

Press the "Start" button. Wait for the service warning light to appear in the display.

Press and hold both the left and right side buttons beside the odometer as soon as the service warning light disappears.

Release the right side button for no more than one second after the current time is shown on the display. Press and hold the right button again.

Release both the left and right buttons when the service menu appears in the display.

Press the "BC" button on the turn signal arm to scroll through the menu until the maintenance item appears.

Press and hold the "BC" button until the word "RESET" appears in the display.

Press and hold the "BC" button until the service warning light resets.

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