How to parallel park a minivan

Updated February 21, 2017

Parallel parking in a minivan can be difficult. Minivans can have huge blind spots and it is difficult to see lower objects along the right side of the van. To correct this problem, before attempting to parallel park adjust the passenger side mirror so you can fully see the right-hand curb. When parallel parking, it is necessary to also turn your head to look behind and beside you, and to use your rear-view mirror.

Stop your minivan parallel to the parked vehicle that you plan to park behind. Make sure your minivan is about 2 or 3 feet away from that vehicle. The nose of your minivan should be in line with the nose of the parked vehicle.

Turn the wheel all the way to the right.

Shift the transmission in the minivan to reverse. Apply a slight amount of pressure to the accelerator. Just enough to slowly glide the minivan backwards.

Straighten the wheel when the back bumper of the parked vehicle is about even with your passenger side window. Continue to reverse the minivan until the front bumper of the van and the back bumper of the parked vehicle are about even.

Turn the wheel to the right again and continue to glide in reverse until the minivan is parallel to the curb. Pull forward if necessary and backward to adjust the space between your minivan and the cars parked in front and in back.

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