How to Reset the Yamaha Receiver

Updated February 21, 2017

Yamaha's RX-V1800 home-theatre receiver connects to your home audio system, iPod, television, VCR, DVD or Blu-ray player to provide surround sound while listening to music on phonograph records, tapes and CDs, or while watching movies and TV shows. It has an AM/FM tuner and features Dolby and THX processing. If the receiver is having a problem, or if its settings no longer serve your needs, you can reset it to the factory default settings.

Press the "Master On/Off" button on the receiver's front panel to turn it off.

Press the "Straight/Effect" button and hold it down.

Press the "Master On/Off" button while holding the "Straight/Effect" button. The "Advanced Menu" will appear on the panel's display. Release the buttons.

Rotate the "Program Selector" knob to the right until you see "Initialize Cancel" on the display.

Press the "Straight/Effect" button repeatedly until "Initialize All" appears on the display.

Press the "Master On/Off" button to turn the power off.

Press the "Master On/Off" button to turn the power back on. The receiver is now reset to its factory default settings.

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