How to Decorate a Small Windowless Bathroom

Tiny bathrooms without any windows can be a challenge to decorate. If care is taken to ensure that every decorating decision is geared toward creating the illusion of space, a cramped bathroom can be transformed into a bright and breezy place to wash up.

Paint the bathroom walls white or an extremely light colour. Darkly painted walls can make a room feel even smaller than it is.

Cover the floor with white tile or vinyl squares. Bright white flooring provides the illusion of added square footage.

Purchase either white or pale-coloured countertop, basin and toilet fixtures. Dark colours are a modern choice for bathrooms, but they tend to make rooms feel closed-in, so they are not ideal for small areas.

Mount a large mirror on the wall over the sink. Mirrors are one of the most effective ways to create a feeling of spaciousness in a room. You can also lay smaller mirrors on the countertop to use as trays for soaps or cosmetics.

Choose pale rugs that blend with the tiles, so you retain the feeling of having a lot of floor space.

Store any unnecessary toiletries and supplies in a nearby cupboard outside the bathroom. Excess clutter will only serve to decrease the usable space in the room.

Hang small shelving units on the walls to hold items that you need to have accessible. Choose shelving that is silver or white, and won't stick out too far from the wall.

Leave the walls mostly bare, aside from a few shelving units. Keep the countertop clear of unnecessary clutter as well; too many accents and items in the room will make it feel cramped and tiny.

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