How to Recover From an Induced Coma

Written by ashley lorelle | 13/05/2017
How to Recover From an Induced Coma
Recovering from an induced coma requires the efforts of nurses, physical therapists, psychiatrists and family members. (altrendo images/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

A medically induced coma is a procedure used on patients who have suffered brain injuries. An induced coma attempts to slow the brain activity to a stop by pumping large doses of barbiturates into a patient in hopes of giving the brain a rest and helping it heal itself. Once patients come out of an induced coma, it can take them a long time to recover.

Hire a physical therapist to visit the patient regularly during the coma, which can take up to six months. The therapist will exercise the patient's muscles to keep them from atrophying, or wasting away. This physical therapist should remain after the patient wakes to help him move again.

Talk to the patient frequently during and after the coma. After he wakes up, it may take some time for him to regain his ability to communicate. Regular conversation will stimulate the brain and encourage him to begin speaking.

Have the patient practice regular cognitive therapy with a psychiatrist. The therapist will be able to play cognitive games and other techniques with the patient to stimulate his brain and help him regain memory, recognition, language and other cognitive functions.

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