How to Decorate Tea Rooms

Updated April 13, 2018

A tea room can reflect traditional English country design, a minimalistic Japanese aesthetic or something whimsical that recalls childhood tea parties attended with cherished teddy bears. No matter what your purpose for creating a tea room, or which design style best fits your needs, the focus should be in designing a room that invites visitors to relax as they enjoy engaging conversation and a steaming pot of tea.

Locate a room away from the noise of cars or foot traffic. Windows that provide natural daylight and an attractive view are a plus. For an English-style tea room, choose a space with a fireplace or install a wooden mantel for a faux effect.

Paint the walls according to the style you prefer. Japanese design relies on light, natural colours such as bamboo, clean whites and subtle wooden tones. An English country tea room would typically star autumn colours like rust, brown, dark green and orange. Paint the room in shades of pink, lavender or yellow to create a more whimsical atmosphere.

Position one or more tables either near the fireplace or view. Use low tables without tablecloths for a minimalistic effect, and place a matching set of silk pillows on the floor for guests to sit on. For a cosier look, use wooden tables with a variety of chairs. Cover the tables with vintage linens and set them with a collection of china. Use unbreakable or inexpensive items from a thrift store for a children's tea room.

Provide shelving in your tea room. Accessorise a whimsical room with classic children's books, antique toys and items for playing dress-up. Create a more grown-up look by displaying antique tea sets, vintage-style cookie tins and green plants. Keep accessories to a minimum in a Japanese-style tea room. One or two pieces of art and functional items such as a tea set, canisters of tea and tea-brewing supplies should suffice.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint and supplies
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Accessories
  • Tea set
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