Cherry picker instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

A cherry picker, also called a boom lift or mobile elevated working platform, is a raising bucket attached to a vehicle or independent unit that lifts a worker to a specific height. Cherry pickers are often used in electrical work and in theatres to hang lights. Using cherry pickers properly requires looking at the individual model's operating instructions and following guidelines to prevent falls and injuries. Using a cherry picker improperly can cause injury, death and may cost you fines during a safety inspection.

Check the height of the object you want to work on to determine whether the cherry picker you are using has enough reach for comfortable work. A worker should not have to reach far out of the bucket or high overhead. Look in the operator's manual or on the cherry picker for the extension length of the unit.

Inspect the ground conditions underneath the unit to determine if it is safe for work. The unit should never be parked on muddy or unstable ground that may sink or cause the unit to slip.

Look for any obstruction in the air such as tree branches and power lines that may interfere with the unit or cause a potential hazard.

Step inside the cherry picker and close all the guardrails to the unit. Do not operate with any of the side rails down.

Attach, before lifting, the required restraint from your person to the cherry picker unit to prevent falls.

Instruct the operator to slowly raise the bucket. Stop the bucket if it gets stuck on any obstacles.


Have the cherry picker inspected annually by a service professional.


Do not move the unit without first lowering the bucket to prevent the bucket from getting caught on obstacles or tipping.

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