How to Find Dell Refurbished Monitors

Written by jason stewart | 13/05/2017
How to Find Dell Refurbished Monitors
Find the right Dell refurbished monitor for you. (Monitor image by Caila from

Dell offers refurbished monitors at a cheaper rate than brand new monitors from its online outlet. Most of these monitors were used in large companies and have been repaired or tuned up to sell back to the public at a discounted rate. Finding the appropriate, refurbished model for you is only a few clicks away.

Navigate to the Dell outlet website (see References).

Hover over "Outlet Monitors" and choose the appropriate drop-down selection that aligns with your needs. Dell has two junctions for refurbished monitors, home and home office or business and education.

Select the size of monitor you are interested in acquiring. Sift through the various options and proceed with the checkout.

Check out with your selected choice.

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