How to Use a Battery Booster

Updated February 21, 2017

Encountering a dead battery in an area without another vehicle to jump start yours can leave you stranded for an extended length of time. Keeping a battery booster in your vehicle ensures you will have enough power to jump start your vehicle when stranded. A battery booster stores enough energy to start your vehicle in an emergency. Using the battery booster correctly will allow you to start your vehicle safely.

Pull the hood release lever located inside your vehicle. Open the bonnet and prop it open (if required).

Connect the red cable of the battery booster to the positive terminal post of the dead battery. Connect the black cable of the battery booster to the ground terminal post of the battery.

Turn on the battery booster.

Move the selection switch of the battery booster to "Start." The switch labelling may vary depending on the battery booster manufacturer.

Start the vehicle.

Turn off the battery booster. Disconnect the black cable from the battery and then disconnect the red cable. Close the vehicle bonnet.

Plug the battery booster into a grounded outlet. Set the booster to charge. Allow the booster to charge until the charging indicator reads "Full."


Inspect and clean the battery terminal posts if covered with white powder corrosion.


Wear protective eyewear when jump starting a battery to avoid injury in the event of a battery explosion.

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