Interesting Ways to Hide Power Cables

Updated April 17, 2017

Hiding power cords can be a creative challenge. Luckily, power cords are normally black in colour, and black is the least visible colour in a room. Black-coloured objects tend to recede from view. Lighter colours tend to be noticed. Still, cords hanging from a television on a wall, for example, or that can be seen through or under a table or desk detract from the overall neatness of a room and are unsightly. Some very simple and creative ways can hide them from view.

Purchase a small amount of paint the exact colour of the wall or background against which the power cords hang. For example, if your television is mounted on the wall, use the wall colour to paint the television cords. The cords seem to disappear when your eye scans the room because they blend in with the wall.

Unplug cord(s). It is very important for safety reasons to unplug the cords from the wall outlets before proceeding. Do not attempt to paint cords while they are plugged in.

Use the small paintbrush to paint the cords. Either paint them exactly where they are or remove the appliances and paint the cords in a well-ventilated area and let them dry.

Gather up the cords you want to hide. Be sure there is enough give on both ends of all the cords so that neither end is pulled too tight.

Use twist ties or Velcro ties to secure the cords together into a loose bundle. Ensure the bundle is approximately as long as the underside or backside of the table or desk.

Screw in the cup hooks to the underside or back of the table or desk.

Hook the Velcro ties on the cup hooks.

This option works best if the cords are along a wall in open view. Use your creativity and think of a design that will incorporate the straight lines of your cords. Think of designs that incorporate lines.

Unplug the cords from their outlets. This is important for safety reasons. Secure the cords against the wall with heavy-duty staples straddling the cord. You can gently tap them in the wall with a hammer. Be very careful not to pierce the cords. Use as few staples as possible. It is important not to hammer on the cord itself to prevent damaging it.

Use paint and paintbrush to complete an original art piece. For example, if the cords are lying vertically against the wall, you might use a leaf design that incorporates the cords as the veins of the leaf. Alternatively, if the cords you are trying to hide are descending from a TV mounted on a wall, you might draw a rectangle around the TV, using the straightedge, paint it in a contrasting colour, and use the cords as inspiration for an overall abstract line design that you paint, repeating the design through the rest of the rectangle.


As an alternative to using Velcro to bundle the cords, purchase a length of clear flexible hose from your local hardware store and cut it down one length using scissors. You can then use this to bundle your cords and use the Velcro around the tubing to hook the length of tubing onto the cup hooks.


It's important to unplug cords during any of these projects. Be very careful not to pierce the power cords during any of the above steps. Use only water-based latex paints to paint the power cords. Oil-based paints will have solvents in them that might damage the cords over time.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/2-inch paintbrush
  • Artist's brushes
  • Latex paint
  • Cup hooks
  • Velcro ties
  • Twist ties
  • Straightedge
  • Pencil
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