How to Do Percentages With Excel 2003

Written by emmanuelle douglas | 13/05/2017
How to Do Percentages With Excel 2003
Use the percentage symbol on the Formatting toolbar and a percentage formula to generate percentages. (silver bevel symbol percentage image by PaulPaladin from

Create percentages in Excel 2003 by using a percentage formula and the percentage formatting icon on the formatting button. Create the percentage formula by using the data in your Excel spreadsheet. Divide the amount by the total value to generate the percentage. Once this value is determined, use the percentage icon to determine the percentage. When the percentage icon is used, you will see the percentage symbol appear on your spreadsheet.

Open Excel 2003, and open a workbook that contains a column with amounts and another column with totals. Click "File" on the menu bar, and click "Open." Browse your files, and locate the workbook. Click the workbook and select the "Open" button. The workbook opens.

Click in the next available column in your workbook. Type "=." Click in the first cell that contains the first amount. Type "/." Click in the first cell that contains the first total, and press the "Enter" key. A value is generated.

Highlight the column containing this new formula. Click the "%" symbol on the standard toolbar. Your value is transformed into a percentage.

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