How to Empty the Used Toner on a Ricoh 240W

Updated April 17, 2017

Large-format laser imaging devices are crucial for many workplaces. Yet, if you have a high volume pf printing in these applications, you must often replace the toner. The Ricoh 240W is a highly complicated large-format imaging device with many individual parts. If you know how to empty the used toner, you can get device back up and running without wasting valuable time.

Locate the toner supply door. This door is in the front of the Ricoh 240W, just below the paper output tray on top of the device.

Press on both sides of the door and pull it open.

Locate the green bracket securing the toner supply in place. The bracket is a large green plastic cylinder at the end of the long, black cylindrical toner supply.

Turn the green bracket. This will release the toner supply. Remove the toner supply from the Ricoh 240W and discard it according to manufacturer instructions.

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