How to Unblock Utorrent

Written by mickey walburg | 13/05/2017

The modern Windows operating system (on which uTorrent runs) has a firewall built in that prevents unauthorized applications from accessing the web. If you are trying to use uTorrent on your computer and you can't download anything because it is blocked, you can quickly unblock it by changing the Windows Firewall settings.

Open the Start Menu and open the Control Panel.

Click on "Allow a program through Windows Firewall" to open the Windows Firewall Settings panel.

Click on the "Exceptions" tab and then click on the check box next to the "uTorrent" program in the program list.

Click on "Add Program" if you don't see uTorrent in the program list. Browse to the program, click "OK" and then click "OK" a final time. uTorrent is now unblocked from your computer.

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