How to obtain an iata number

According to its website, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is "an international trade body" that "represents some 230 airlines comprising 93 per cent of scheduled international air traffic." In addition to airlines, the IATA also comprises a network of travel agents. If you are a travel agent and would like to obtain an IATA membership number, you must apply for "accreditation" with the organisation, a process for which you can obtain necessary forms online at IATA's website.

Print and fill out the IATA accreditation form, a link to which is available in the "Resources" section. In addition to personal information, such as name, address, phone number and date of birth, you will need to provide information about your travel agency, including the date of establishment, the number of employees and whether or not you have certain types of insurance. You will be required to give the name of the bank you use for business transactions, as well as general information about the revenue you have generated thus far and what kind of revenue you plan to invest in your business moving forward. Finally, you must give the names of any co-owners and provide information on the scope of your travel agency --- specifically, the primary destinations it serves.

Prepare your required documents and certifications. As of October 2010, this includes proof of legal business operation (a state-issued operating certificate will do), a business bank account, "Errors and Omissions" Insurance (or, if you have more than five years of experience as a travel agent, a completed waiver, found on page 8 of the application), proof of finances and letters of recommendation from other travel industry professionals.

Input your credit card details on page 9 of the application so that you can pay the required fees --- £107 if you are a "Head Office" and £234 if you are a "Corporate Travel Department."

Submit your completed form, either via fax to 1-514-868-8858 or via U.S. mail to the address found in Resources.


703 Waterford Way, Suite 600

Miami, FL 33126

Wait four to six weeks for your IATA accreditation package to arrive, which will include a certificate and window decal in addition to your IATA number.

Things You'll Need

  • IATA Accreditation Form (see Resources)
  • Business operating certificate
  • Business bank account
  • "Errors and Omissions" insurance (or waiver)


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