How to Reset the Mercedes Benz ML500 Oil Service Light

if you have chosen to change the oil in your ML500 yourself instead of going to a dealer or mechanic, you may also need to reset the oil service indication (Flexible Service System) light on your instrument panel. Depending on the year of your Mercedes, there will be variations in how you reset the indicator. Check that there is adequate oil in your ML500 before resetting the service light, as a leak may also cause the oil service indication light to come on.

Insert the smart key into your ignition and turn it to position zero (you can see the numbers on the ignition). The vehicle door should be closed during the reset.

Wait for the mileage and oil indication light to light up on your instrument panel.

Press and hold the trip reset button, which looks like a zero, on the instrument panel for approximately 10 seconds. Take out your smart key and reinsert it into the ignition. Turn on the car to see if the oil light was reset.

Insert your smart key into the ignition and turn it from position "0" to position "2."

Press and hold the trip odometer reset button, which looks like a zero between the plus and minus buttons, for 5 seconds. Perform this step twice.

Turn your smart key back to position "0" and press the trip odometer reset button again for 5 seconds. (Press the reset button within 5 seconds).

Turn the smart key back to position "2." Press and hold the trip odometer reset button until the oil light indicator disappears or resets. Holding the trip odometer reset button for approximately 10 to 15 seconds will reset the indicator.

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