How to set the text for a scrolling marquee screen saver

Updated April 17, 2017

Screen savers were originally created to prevent damage to a screen that displays the same image for long periods. In CRT monitors, displaying the same image for long periods caused "burn in" or a lowering in display capacity around certain parts of the screen that displayed brighter areas for long periods. Screen savers kept the screen image moving, preventing this problem. Many screen savers have been created, including some that can have any text desired scroll across the screen, often called a scrolling marquee screen saver.

Minimise all windows on the computer.

Right click on a blank area of the desktop (not on an icon), select "Personalize" and click the "Screen Saver" icon on the bottom right of the window that appears. In versions of Windows before Vista, right-click on a blank area of the desktop, choose "Properties" and then click the "Screen Saver" tab of the "Display Properties" window.

Select the "Scrolling Marquee" screen saver from the "Screen Saver" drop down in the "Screen Saver Settings" dialogue box if it is not already selected.

Click the "Settings" button to bring up the screen saver options. Enter the text to be displayed on the screen saver. You can also select font, colour, size and speed of the text to be displayed.

Click "OK" to save the settings and click "OK" in the "Screen Saver Settings" dialogue to apply the changes.


Microsoft stopped including the scrolling marquee screen saver with newer versions of Windows. If the computer does not have the scrolling marquee screen saver, you will need to install one. Some very similar screen savers are listed in the resources. DirectDraw Scrolling Marquee does not list a Vista or Windows 7 version, but the Windows 2000/XP version works in newer versions of Windows.

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