How to Track Flight History

Remaining on schedule is everything when travelling, especially for business trips and short vacations. If you are travelling to your destination by air, however, this may beyond your control --- to a certain extent. Several websites allow you to track the history of a flight's on-time performance, which can allow you to make a more informed decision when purchasing air tickets. To track flight history using any of these websites, you will need the airline name and flight number.

Make a record of the airlines on which you are considering buying flights and respective flight numbers. It is important to pay attention to detail when doing this, as even a slight deviation in flight number could represent a flight in a different part of the country or world.

Track up to two weeks of a flight's history using "FlightAware" or "FlightWise," both of which are linked under Resources. If you choose FlightAware, enter the airline name and flight number in the blue box labelled "Quickly & Easily Track a Flight," then click "Track Flight." Scroll down to the "Activity Log," where you can see the past two weeks of the flight's performance history free of charge. To use FlightWise, where you can see up to one week of a flight's on-time performance history, enter the airline's name and flight number into the "Quick Track" field at the top left of the screen, then scroll down and hit the green "Past Flights" button.

Track historical on-time performance back to 2005 or 2001 using FlightAware or FlightWise, respectively. Click the "Buy Now" button at the top right corner of the tracking menu to access this information on FlightAware or the "Detailed Flight History" button on the top left corner of FlightWise's "Past Flights" menu. Please note that in both cases, you will need to register for an account. For FlightAware, you must purchase history per-flight, whereas membership at FlightWise starts at £16.20 per month as of October 2010.

Find a general on-time performance rating for a flight using "FlightStats," a link to which is available in the "Resources" section. Enter the route or airline name and flight number into the "On-Time Rating" box at the top left of the screen and click "Search" to view the flight's rating.

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