How to Walk With Elbow Crutches

Updated March 21, 2017

Elbow crutches are sometimes given after an injury, surgery or illness that affects one or both legs. When given elbow crutches for the first time, ideally you will be given a lesson by your doctor or physiotherapist. It may take some time to walk with precision; but after a bit of practice, you should be able to do so.

Take both of your crutches and reach them forward, slightly to the side and plant them down several inches in front of you.

Place your injured leg in line with the crutches.

Put your weight onto the handles of the crutches and move forward, keeping most of your weight on your hands and good leg. Repeat.


Discuss using your crutches with your doctor. He may have a specific pattern he will ask you to walk in order to avoid further injury. Do not place all of your weight on the crutches. Instead, use them as an aid.


Avoid wet floors, ice and leaves. Make sure your forearm cuffs do not wobble. Wear flat shoes when walking on your crutches. Ensure that hand grips are not slippery or splintered.

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