How to set light timers

Updated April 17, 2017

Light timers control the ON/OFF schedules of one or a number of lights when automatic control is needed. They can be used in varying situations for different purposes, including indoor and outdoor situations such as controlling outdoor lights when you are out of town or automatically turning lamps off after you fall asleep. You can set light timers according to preset times to turn televisions, radios and other appliances on and off to make your home seem occupied.

Plug a digital light timer into an electrical wall outlet. Wait for at least 30 minutes for the built-in rechargeable battery to charge. The built-in rechargeable battery allows the timer to continue to work even when there is a power failure.

Reset any previous timer settings. Press the "Reset" button to erase all previous settings.

Set the current time on the clock. Hold the "Time" button and press "Hour/HR" until the current hour is displayed. Repeat the steps on the "Minute/MIN" button to display the current minute. Release the "Timer" button to save the current time. Note the AM and PM settings.

Set the "ON/OFF" times. Press and hold the "ON" or "SET" button, depending on your light timer model, until the digits blink. Press the "Hour/Hr" button to adjust to the desired hour display. Press the "Minute" button to set the "ON" minute. Release the "ON" button to save your "ON' time. Repeat the steps while holding down the "OFF" button to set the "OFF" minute and hour time. Note the AM and PM settings.

Plug your electrical appliance such as a lamp into the light timer.


The main difference between analogue light timers and digital light timers is that analogue timers use pegs or dials to manually turn the settings while digital light timers allow you to press buttons that directly enter the exact times you want to set. Set the "OFF" time to equal the "ON" time to deactivate the light timer. Slide/Press the "Mode" switch to the "ON" position to set the timer to "Always On" mode. Slide/Press the "Mode" switch to "Timer" to return to timer controls.

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