How to Set Email Profile Information on a Samsung J700

Updated February 21, 2017

Setting up an e-mail profile for your Samsung J700 will give you access to your e-mail whenever you need it. Once you've configured your Samsung J700, you will be able to send and receive e-mails.

Go to the Samsung website and click "Support" and "Configure Phone." This will bring you to the page where you can configure your e-mail profile online.

Enter your "Profile Name" and select "Samsung J700" in the "Mobile Phone Model Box." Also add the name of your provider from the drop-down menu and your mobile phone number.

Enter your e-mail address and username and password in the "User Information Section."

Click the drop down menu for the "Incoming Mail Server" and select the server for your e-mail. Also type "Outgoing Mail Server."

Type in the letters that are displayed in the image and click "Confirm." Click "Save" when the message is received on your Samsung J700. You e-mail profile has now been configured.

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