How to Troubleshoot a Hornet 473T Car Alarm

Updated April 17, 2017

While car alarms were designed to protect your car from theft, they aren't without problems of their own. The most commonly observed car alarm issues are: the alarm going off at inappropriate times, the alarm not going off when it's supposed to, the alarm failing to activate itself and the alarm going off for long periods of time without stopping. The Hornet 473T is a top of the line car alarm that thousands of car owners rely on. Diagnose your alarm problem with these troubleshooting tips.

Do a check of the other systems in your car. Sometimes, it's not necessarily your alarm that is the problem; you won't know until you check. For example, if your car won't start, there is probably something wrong with your starter or battery.

Disable your alarm manually. You will probably have to switch your car to valet mode while you attempt to diagnose the problem. You can do this by putting the key into the ignition and holding down the push key until your switch light is a solid colour.

Adjust your sensors. Often, if your car alarm goes off when it isn't supposed to, your alarm sensors may be too sensitive. Changing your settings will solve this problem.

Disable any devices you have running in your car. Often, items like GPS devices, cell phones and radar detectors can interfere with the way your alarm functions. Turning them off may solve the issue.


Don't attempt to disarm your car alarm by yourself. It's best to get the help from an alarms specialist for difficult jobs.

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