How to Troubleshoot a Wireless Doorbell

Written by desdemona delacroix | 13/05/2017
How to Troubleshoot a Wireless Doorbell
Wireless doorbells work well so long as they are inspected regularly. (doorbell image by fafoutis from

The first thing people are going to do when they walk up to your front door is ring the doorbell to get your attention. If your doorbell doesn't work, you may not hear the person outside, and that will leave both of you feeling frustrated. To make sure your wireless doorbell is functioning properly, it's best to test it out every once in awhile. If you find it isn't working, troubleshoot the problem right away so your guests aren't left waiting outside.

Check the batteries. You can either put the batteries in another device to see if they work, or you can just put fresh batteries in the doorbell and test it.

Move the doorbell receiver closer to the button. If they are too far away from each other, the signal won't reach and the chime won't sound.

Separate the doorbell button from metal surfaces to prevent metal interference by placing wood between the button and the metal frame. You can purchase wooden shims perfect for this at your local hardware store.

Replace your doorbell if it has been left out in or exposed to severe weather.

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